My first lightning photo

Last night I finally caught some lightning photos.It wasn’t easy because I had to stand still at the window for two hours in an almost unbearable heat.I HATE summer!The storm was far away, I couldn’t even hear the thunders so I had to use a great deal of zoom ratio and that affected the quality of the picture and the focusing.I caught a few lightnings but this picture is the best I have and I hope you like it even though it’s pretty bad judging it from a technical point of view.I hope that next time I will take much better lightning photos.

2 thoughts on “My first lightning photo

  1. I agree. A lot of technique is required and a fast camera. Maybe some pros will shed some light on the subject for you. A fast camera helps. The more you shoot the better you will get. Happy shooting!

    • With all due respect, when it comes to lightning photography we don’t need a fast camera.We need a camera capable to take long exposure photographs.Of course, a dslr it’s the perfect option for this type of photography because it has very long exposure times and most of them have also the bulb setting which allows the photographer to keep the shutter open as long as he wishes.Best regards

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