One lovely blog award

I would like to thank Marie-Charlotte for nominating me to One Lovely Blog Award.It brings me great joy and honour that you like my photographs and each nomination and of course feedback from you, my dear followers and friends, helps me create better photos.

As you probably know by now, there are certain rules in order to accept this award.First you have to thank the person that nominated you.Thank you again Marie-Charlotte and I am so glad I found your blog.Your photographs are wonderful as well as your vision upon the world.

The second rule is to share seven secrets about yourself.Well I don’t think I’ve got too many secrets but I’ll share seven facts about myself:

1) I quit drinking coffee a few days ago

2) I’m a perfectionist

3) I’m afraid of birds (their wings to be more specific) and terrified of insects.

4) Another passion of mine is represented by…cars.I can recognize a wide range of car brands, even the vintage ones and I’ve got some knowledge in mechanics.

5) I like to cook

6) I like beer (shame on me 😀 )

7) I like horror movies.

And the third rule is to nominate 15 other bloggers.My nominations (in random order) are:

1) Gabriel I Photography

2) Mia

3) Kolbskid

4) Simple Pleasures~

5) Cristi Niculescu

6) annenieannenou

7) Liew Chi Khong

8) carmenfortis

9) Vicki


11) slowaholic

12) Samsara

13) Russel Ray Photos

14) A Ballad Of Silence

15) Javier GM Photography

In the end I would like to thank all of you for sharing your wonderful creations and for making my days brighter!



13 thoughts on “One lovely blog award

    • Ughh…they are awful…spiders and those black hideous cockroaches freak me out.In my case this is a phobia, I get shivers when I see them and I “freeze”, in most of the cases I can’t even move and kill them.Thank God that I have nets on my windows and I can sleep without fear 🙂

      • Spiders of course, they are soooo hideous!!! I just can’t kill them too…I wait and I watch it going away… and it’s too late to kill it… ah oh and I hate mosquitos…

    • Yes, I do the same.I watch it going away and after that I’m all stressed because I know it’s there and it can come out again when I’m asleep.It’s a pain for me to photograph insects but this is the only way that I can make myself get closer to them.

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  3. Să știi că nu am uitat. Dar am avut niște probleme care nu mi-au permis să fac nicio postare care implică ceva timp pentru scris. Sper să se rezolve toate și să reușesc să scriu despre asta cât mai curând. 🙂

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