Liebster Blog Award & One Lovely Blog Award

I am so happy that I got nominated again, and this time to a new award named Liebster Blog Award!I would like to thank Petit for bringing me such joy and honour!

Also I would like to thank Alastair for nominating me to the One Lovely Blog Award a few weeks ago and also to apologize because I did not had the time to accept it more rapidly.It was a very busy period for me and I barely had the time to drop my daily photo on the blog.Unfortunately I can’t find the link on his blog where the nominations list was, so I don’t know what acceptance rules I must follow.I guess I will just say one huge thank you  to Alastair for his nomination and for his appreciation for my photos.That means the world to me!

And now I must follow some rules in order to accept the Liebster Blog Award.The first rule is to post 11 facts about myself…Let’s see what other things I can say about myself beside the ones I already wrote in the past posts.

1) I am an outdoorsy person, I like taking long walks in the park or even in the neighborhood and…anywhere as long as it’s outside the house.

2) I eat very spicy.

3) I am a great movie lover and I have a quite impressive collection of DVDs.

4) I love wearing leather boots.

5) My favourite book genres are sci-fi and mistery.

6) I’m addicted to music, I listen to it everywhere and I always have a pair of little headphones in my pocket.

7) I love banana & white chocolate pancakes.

8) I really like psychology and I even studied it one year at the university but dropped out from personal reasons.So I guess if it weren’t for me to be a photographer I can always see myself a therapeutist 😛

9) I hate high-heel shoes (and I never wear them).

10) I love the 1967 Ford Mustang and I have a huge poster with it in my room.

11) I like wearing rings.
And now that I finally managed to write 11 facts about myself I will pass on to the second rule which is to answer Petit’s questions:

1) “If you would have a painting, what would it be ?” – “Dawn” or any other autumn landscape by George Inness.

2) “Do you have a song that reminds you of old times ? Which is it ?” – “Nights in White Satin” – The Moody Blues.

3) “How is called the last book that you read ?” – “Echoes from the Dead” by Johan Theorin.

4) “Which is your favorite fruit ?” – Hmm…very hard to choose.I can’t choose between oranges and peaches 😀

5) “What object or trait defines your style?” – My leather jacket.

6) “Which is your biggest flaw?” – I guess I’m getting aggravated too easily ( but it passes as quickly as it comes 😀 )

7) “What do you prefer the most : seaside or mountains? And why?” – Mountains by far.Because they have wonderful landscapes, fresh air, tranquility and I can find places whithout hordes of people around me.I could never prefer the seaside because I hate the scorching sun of summer and crowded places such as beaches.

8) “What do you prefer : A chandelier or a lamp ?” – A chandelier.

9) “Which is your favorite dessert ?” – Difficult question…let’s say…ice cream!

10) “In your opinion, which is the biggest mistake of humanity?” – The invention of religion and of course the invention of the atomic bomb which is the classical answer.Humans are egocentric and self-distructive by nature so both “mistakes” were inevitable.

11) “What do you like to do in your spare time ?” – I take photographs, walk in the park, listen to music, watch music and cook.

And now …the third rule: “put eleven questions for the eleven nominated blogs”.

1) What is your all time favourite movie?

2) Which is your favourite dish?

3) What is your favourite clothing style?

4) Are you a religious person?Why?

5) What is your goal in life?

6) What things do you know about Romania? (Don’t cheat!Don’t search on Google 😛 ).And for you my fellow romanians I have another question: What is the thing that you love most about your contry?

7) What hobbies do you have?

8) What city or country would you like to visit?

9) What is your favourite book genre?

10) What is your profession?

11) What is your favourite drink?

And finally the fourth and last rule is to nominate 11 blogs that I find “liebster”.The nominees ( in no particular order) are  :

1) Connor Cullen

2) Photosteam

3) Alastair’s Blog

4) lichtbildwerfer

5) Un blog despre excursii si iesiri in natura

6) Impulsuri Foto

7) Gabriel I Photography

8) Marie – Charlotte

9) annenieannenou

10) slowaholic

11) Leanne Cole

Thank you again Petit for nominating me and I wish you all a very nice evening (morning or afternoon) !