I’ve decided to make a new category on my blog named “Music” because I want to share with all of you my favourite songs, the music that makes my soul vibrate, that comes with me wherever I go and accompanies me whatever I do.Sometimes it may be a depressive melody and sometimes joyful.It all depends on my mood and feelings.

Thank you all my dear friends and followers for watching my photos and visiting my blog and I hope you will also enjoy “my music”.

And the song for today is:

Rome : Swords to Rust – Hearts to Dust

So Sweet Blog Award

I want to thank Anca for nominating me to such a lovely and wonderful award.She really made my day sweeter and brighter.And that is a big thing considering that today was an absolutely awful day for me.

I understand that are no certain rules to follow in order to accept this award except the fact that you have to nominate other blogs that have under 200 followers.

My nominees in random order are:

1) Claudia

2) Mind Vibes

I’m so sorry if I forgot someone who might have been included on my list but from the blogs that I checked out some of them had over 200 followers and others do not show their number of followers (which is very frustrating because some of the blogs I had in mind did not have the number of followers displayed).

Thank you again Anca, and I wish you a wonderful evening!