Tomorrow morning I have an important exam so keep your fingers crossed.I need all the luck I can get.Hopefully this weekend if the weather is nice I’ll go out for a photo session because I’m out of pictures as you can see 🙂 I’ll leave you with a beautiful song from The Cure 🙂


Return of Ravens

And the darkness calms my mind
I see the ravens fly
Born of time, demon eye

So the rain becomes again
The master sorrows friend
A better end, my sorcerer friend

And the rains are coming closer
Darker days are drawing near

Return of ravens

And the world I know subsides
I see the darkest eyes
The mastermind behind the tide

So let the ravens come to me
Come and set me free
Summon me, let me be

And the winds are coming colder
Darker days are drawing near

Return of ravens