My first participation at a photography salon

A month and a half ago I decided to participate at the International Photographic Art Salon “Best of CF”, 1st Edition, 2012.CF means comunitate foto (photo community) and it’s a website I’ve been a member since 2011.Anyone who was a member and had a  number of  four or five (don’t remember exactly) published photos on the site could participate at the Salon.At first I didn’t wanted to even think about participating but some close friends of mine gave me a little boost of confidence (which I’ve always lacked) and convinced me to participate.There were a lot of talented photographers in the competition and I knew I did not have much chances to win an award, but I hoped to have at least some accepted photos at the Salon.And I did have.I had two accepted photos (from a number of 8, 4 color and 4 monochrome) and one of them is printed and present in the exhibition alongside the 56 award winning photographs and other 23 accepted photographs.

I think the results were pretty good for a first time.But the most important thing was the experience.Now I know how things work and I can prepare myself for the next Salon.This time I had to enter the competition with photos that were never meant to be in one, but I had to pick up 8 of them.

Anyway, here are the two accepted photos:

The first is “Martian Sunset” (the one exhibited at the Salon)

Martian sunset

And the second is “The Envy”

The Envy

Here is a link where you can see photos from the exhibition.Ha ha I can’t believe that my Martian Sunset is out there 😀

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