This week (22-28 october 2012) we celebrated “The Days of Craiova” (the XVI-th edition).With this occasion, yesterday morning (27 october 2012)  the municipality and the Romanian Association for
Propaganda and History of Aeronautics
organised  an aviation meeting and exhibition at the Craiova International Airport.Of course I couldn’t miss the occasion to catch a few close shots with the airplanes and I went at the airport.The weather was awful, it was a very cold and windy morning.I managed to stay for an hour and I took some pretty decent photos (I’m waiting for you to tell me if you like them).I left exactly when the rain started, so I guess I was lucky from this point of view 🙂

Here you can see a C-27J SPARTAN (a militaty transport aircraft) landing.

Airplanes above the city

A sharp noise woke me from my sleep this morning and I immediately realized that it was the sound of plane flying at low altitude.I rushed to the window and I saw what are you about to see in the pictures below.It must have been a rehearsal because tomorrow it’s the Bucharest International Air Show & General Aviation Exhibition (BIAS 2012).

This was the best I could do with my current gear.I hope you like the photos 🙂