Running (Poem)

Tonight I decided to take a sheet of paper, a pencil and an eraser and try to write something.You probably don’t know that I used to write poems when I was younger.Actually only a few close friends know that because I was too ashamed of my blatherings and I didn’t consider them worthy to be read by anyone else than myself, especially that most of them were inspired from my own feelings and experiences.I decided to write again because it’s like a form of therapy to me (it helps me relax and get through my daily problems more easily) just like photography.But I must say it wasn’t my idea to write them on my blog so I don’t know what to expect.I hope you like them though.

This is what I wrote tonight…


There you are…running away from your fears again

Facing them might drive you insane

Or so you may seem to believe

That they’ll disappear if you leave


It’s your conscience you’re running away from

And no matter what you do you’ll still be torn

The torment is there buried in yourself

And you refuse any form of help


You say that you can’t change

That happiness for you is strange

That it’s too hard for you

And that this world is too cruel


So you need to keep yourself away

Because loneliness is the only way

To be safe and uncomplicated

From the hell that you’ve created.