Heavenly sunset

Here is a photo that I like very much even though some may say it is a little oversaturated which would not be wrong, but I think it looks better this way 😀 It is actually a pseudo HDR made from one single raw file.I think it turned out pretty ok, what do you think?

In the second picture you can see a black dot (that would be me) taking this photo.

My first lightning photo

Last night I finally caught some lightning photos.It wasn’t easy because I had to stand still at the window for two hours in an almost unbearable heat.I HATE summer!The storm was far away, I couldn’t even hear the thunders so I had to use a great deal of zoom ratio and that affected the quality of the picture and the focusing.I caught a few lightnings but this picture is the best I have and I hope you like it even though it’s pretty bad judging it from a technical point of view.I hope that next time I will take much better lightning photos.