Lightning bolts

I think that Mother Nature saw yesterday that I was upset for not taking some quality lightning photos and sent me another lightning storm to challenge me.Now I can trully say that I am pleased by the results.The storm was pretty close and I caught some nice lightning bolts.I can only imagine how cool it may be to shoot lightnings with a dslr camera having the shutter set to bulb mode.But I guess the 15 second exposure on my compact camera was long enough to catch these beautiful but very dangerous wonders of nature.

Before all hell broke loose

I took this picture two nights ago before a thunderstorm hit the city.I tried to catch some lightnings as well and I actually caught some clouds lit by lightnings but not the actual lightning bolt.Maybe next time.I  wasn’t pleased by the quality of the pictures so I decided not to post them.This is the only photo that I considered good enough to post 🙂